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    • 17 JUN 15
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    Raise a glass…of water

    Raise a glass…of water

    If you didn’t know by now, humans need water to survive. If you’re ever in a catastrophe, seek water before food- always. You can survive only a few days (four or five) without water; you can survive weeks with little to no food. Our bodies are roughly 60% water, our brains 70%, and lungs 90%.

    • 03 JUN 15
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    A “weightless” workout…in the water!

    A “weightless” workout…in the water!

    We all envision working out as this thing where if you’re not sweating, you’re not doing it right. And for those people who have a large amount of weight lose, making gains in a traditional gym seems impossible, can be uncomfortable, and downright discouraging. But, whether you have a lot or a little weight to

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